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Day Care - Xerox Connect Key

The electronic pen technology can help reduce the quantity of paper you produce, especially if using multi part forms.  It can also eliminate the need to actually scan the paper once it is ready for filing.  The electronic pen will record everything written on the paper and send an exact replica to your computer or IMS.  Many, if not all of the index fields within IMS can be automatically populated, reducing the need for a human to manually index the document.

Advanced - Electronic Pen

Tablets have become a great tool in the office.  The tablet helps achieve your paperless office goals more effectively and efficiently.  Any forms can be accessed on a tablet.  Forms within a tablet can have data pre- populated by pulling data from other data sources.  Drop down options ensure accuracy and offer the user a quick answer from which to select. Other fields may require mathematical equations which are produced faster and more accurately than a human.  Interaction with a tablet collects information and can transmit information in real time, offering lightning speed response times versus conventional paper methods.  Many more advantages can be achieved when using a tablet solution to replace your paper documents; contact us to learn more.

Advanced - Tablets