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Scan from your copier to IMS

Many, if not all copiers (see integrated list below), offer the ability to scan into IMS.  Copiers, MFPs (multifunction printers), or MFDs (multifunction devices) are becoming more computer like and offer more kiosk type functionality.

Evolution of the copier scan process:

TWAIIN Scan (pull scan)

The old school method from the beginning of copier scanning was through the TWAIIN scan feature.  Many of your flat bed or small multi feed scanners also use the TWAIIN feature.  TWAIIN scanning with your copier can be cumbersome, requiring the user to walk to the copier, place documents on the ADF (auto-doc-feeder), and temporarily tie up the scan, copy, and fax functionality of the copier.  The user would walk to their desk, select the copier’s TWAIIN software scan button from the user’s computer to pull the scans into the users computer.  The user hopefully remembers to promptly return to the copier to both retrieve the original scanned documents and free the copier for others in the office to make a copy, scan, or fax.  If the user experienced any errors, this entire processes would have to be repeated.  This feature would be most convenient if the user’s desk/computer was within close vicinity of the copier.

PUSH scan

Gratefully, copier manufactures quickly discovered the cumbersome inefficiencies the TWAIIN scan caused and the push scan functionality was developed.  Now copiers can push a scan to the copier hard drive, a folder on a user’s PC, email, and folders on the server.  Now days, there are many scan protocols offered by copiers to meet most IT personals preferences.

Scanning with intelligence

Scan, index, & metadata

Copier manufactures began creating methods to allow a user to not only perform a push scan; but allow a user to apply multiple fields of content to help define the scanned document.  These fields consist of text, numeric, date, and drop down fields.  Drop down fields are great for keeping scanned documents in an office, using the same unified words or terminology.

Scan, index, metadata, and step-by-step instructional kiosk type functionality

Some copiers have added even more intelligence, including the Xerox Connect Key technology with a kiosk type functionality.  The machine request specific documents from the user and communicates where to place the document(s) on the glass or in a document feeder.  The user is only prompted when necessary to enter any details concerning the documents using text, numeric, or drop down fields.  This workflow compiles multiple into a unified format and sends to IMS.

Copier brands offering “intelligent” scanning to IMS

Out of the box integration:  Xerox, HP, Lexmark, Samsung

With 3rd  party integration: Sharp, Konica Minolta, HP, and Kyocera